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Hey everybody! Been a while since my last update, but hey, it happens. lol

My dad's work continues to give him the run-around about being sent away. He hasn't heard anything in a while about where or when he's going to be transferred for a few months. It really has everything in limbo here at home and it's frustrating to say the least. There have been multiple layoffs that my dad has avoided, and I'm hoping he continues to at least keep his job.

Despite that, things have started to look up for me. Partied with some awesome furs on New Years Eve in Columbus :) I also finally, FINALLY got called in to substitute teach last week. It was for 1st-4th grade physical education. hehe I know. Could be rough. But it actually wasn't that bad! The students were amazingly well behaved.

My main problem in teaching that day was the same problems I have in my regular life. I talk a lot, overanalyze things. Lot of you have probably noticed that about me. haha But yeah, that's not good when teaching young children. You'll lose them easily. I was lucky they were very understanding. Just something I gotta continue to work on :)

There are a lot more things going on in my life that I won't go over on here. It has been overwhelming in both good and bad ways. All I can say is that with time and support from friends and family, I'm sure things will be better.

With that, I bid you good day and BIG HUGS! :D



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